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“Very well made and in-depth explanations. Easy to follow and a lot of visual references making it very easy to understand! Great course overall and highly recommended.”

Peter West, Udemy

“This is a really excellent course. Karoly is an engaging and interesting instructor who has touched on some aspects of the swift language and computer science that is not covered in this way in other courses. I got a lot from this course.”

Jim McMillan, Udemy

“I really like the examples and the explanation made by the instructor. I’m very happy to have taken this course. I now have a lot more information about Algorithms and Big O Notation than before (which was almost none).”

Ale Mohamad, Udemy

“Amazing! Extremely useful and simple way of demonstrating complexity, Big O. Algorithms explained visually, and in code. Best analysis of algorithms, data structures and sorting in swift that I’ve found!”

Wendy Richardson, Udemy

Over 50,000 students took my courses! Thank you!

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