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The GO-TO Swift algorithms & data structures course! A must-have for Swift programming interviews.

Take a closer look at algorithms and data structures and learn how to work with them to more efficiently approach software development with Swift. “Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures in Swift 4” is a straightforward guide to solving coding problems more efficiently. 

In this comprehensive course, author Károly Nyisztor helps to familiarize yourself with algorithmic thinking and code optimization techniques. He explains each concept using easy-to-understand examples. He focuses on the practical application, using hands-on Swift code examples you can use for reference and practice. 

Throughout the course, Károly walks you through several demo applications to demonstrate the power of algorithms and the importance of picking the right solution.

Topics include:

Algorithmic thinking

The Big O notation

Constant, linear, polynomial and logarithmic time complexity

Understanding recursion and avoiding pitfalls

Case studies for finding faster solutions


Built-in Swift collection types

When to use a Set, an Array or a Dictionary?

Implementing selection sort, insertion sort, and bubble sort

Advanced sorting: quicksort and merge sort

The study of algorithms and data structures is fundamental to any programmer who plans to develop software systems that are scalable and performant.  “Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures in Swift 4” is the perfect course for you if you’re interested in bringing your Swift coding skills to the next level.

Student reviews

“LOVE this instructor! His explanations are always clear and accurate, and his pacing is spot-on. Fantastic!” – Glenn

“Speed is very good for the content being taught. The size of the videos is perfect for the depth of the topic being discussed.” – Nick Perkins

“Excellent clear presentation and covering the topic very well – recommended course!” – Graham Wright

“Very well made and in-depth explanations. Easy to follow and a lot of visual references making it very easy to understand! Great course overall and highly recommended.” – Peter West

“This course gives me a much deeper understanding of how to write efficient and effective Swift code. It addresses things not covered in the various other crash courses on iOS development, things not apparent at first. I’d published several simple apps and games already but discovered I needed this information when I started working on a much more complex app and needed to understand how to improve my app’s performance, so I searched for information on that and discovered this very helpful course.” – Minni K. Ang

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