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Károly Nyisztor is a veteran mobile developer and instructor. He has built several successful iOS apps and games—most of which were featured by Apple—and is the founder at LEAKKA, a software development, and tech consulting company. He's worked with companies such as Apple, Siemens, SAP, and Zen Studios. Currently, he spends most of his days as a professional software engineer and IT architect. In addition, he teaches object-oriented software design, iOS, Swift, Objective-C, and UML. As an instructor, his aim is to share his 20+ years of software development expertise and change the lives of students throughout the world. He's passionate about helping people reveal hidden talents, and guide them into the world of startups and programming. You can find his courses and books on all major platforms including Amazon, Lynda, LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight, Udemy, and iTunes.
6 05, 2020

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When used right, UML can be an excellent tool to express our ideas in a clear and standardized way. With over a dozen diagrams and a ton of different visual symbols, UML can be overwhelming. However, you can get pretty far by understanding and using the most common types of diagrams. Besides, knowing a lot of UML doesn't necessarily make you a better object-oriented developer. Actually, it might increase your chances of getting lost in the details - instead of addressing the real problem at hand.  I can't count how many times I've seen developers arguing over nitty-gritty UML [...]

8 04, 2020

Get Up to Speed With Programming in Python Fast

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Interested in learning how to code with Python? Check out my Software Development from A to Z course to get up and running with this popular language. GET INSTANT ACCESS: - 5.5 hours of video lessons - Get the companion eBook for FREE - Private Facebook Group for feedback and support - Premium support from an instructor who cares - Lifetime access to updates CLICK HERE TO ENROLL We start with the basics and gradually build up the knowledge required to understand more advanced programming concepts. We'll be using Python code examples. These examples are straightforward, and I explain [...]

29 03, 2020

How to Take Notes Using Your Voice or Create Meeting Transcripts Easily?

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I just discovered an excellent tool and wanted to share it with you. Otter AI is a brilliant voice typing application that can also handle punctuation. You can use it to create meeting transcripts automatically or quickly take notes. It's free for 10 hours a month. Here's the link (it includes a referral code): https://otter.ai/referrals/8HSEPHPJ

16 03, 2020

What’s the Purpose of a Sequence Diagram?

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Sequence diagrams describe a specific scenario and not all the interactions that happen between the objects that form a system. When we draw a sequence diagram, we represent a snapshot of a given part of the live, working system. Instead of having a huge sequence diagram describing every interaction between the objects, we create several targeted ones. It's like performing a cardiac CT-scan instead of scanning the entire body. If we're only interested in the heart and its blood vessels, why should we examine the entire body? If you want to find out more about UML and object-orientation, check [...]

12 03, 2020

Work from Home!

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This story would be the perfect fit for a Dilbert strip. Except it wasn’t funny at all back then. It wasn’t that long ago when a narrow-minded “manager” stated that nobody could work from home effectively. He tried and he failed. His inability to work from the comfort of his home was the core of his reasoning for rejecting our requests to work remotely. I stopped counting how many engineers left because of his stubbornness. But things are changing now.

12 03, 2020

Find Your One True Calling — Here’s How I Found Mine

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I hated my job, and I’ve never felt accomplished by working for someone else. Almost all the creative people had left the company. The place had become a toxic environment filled with brown-nosers trying to get into management roles at any price. It was a cold, grey day in December 2016 when I was told that I have to switch teams and do some meaningless work from now on. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I drove home. It was Friday noon, but I decided to take the rest of the day off. I went out [...]

22 02, 2020

One of the Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned as a Software Engineer

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If you continue coding, sooner or later, you’re going to encounter the term algorithm. In essence, an algorithm is a sequence of steps describing what the computer should do to solve a particular problem. Algorithms are essential in computer science and are everywhere — even if you haven’t noticed them yet: Your GPS uses route-finding algorithms Youtube relies on audio and video compression algorithms to play high-definition videos flawlessly The amazing 3-D graphics in games are possible thanks to sophisticated rendering algorithms … and the list goes on. Computer algorithms have been developed and refined over the last couple [...]

15 01, 2020

New LinkedIn Learning Course: Swift 5: Protocol-Oriented Programming

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I'm happy to announce the release of my LinkedIn Learning course "Swift 5: Protocol-Oriented Programming." https://www.linkedin.com/learning/swift-5-protocol-oriented-programming/

30 12, 2019

Traditional Education – Still the Way to Go?

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A friend of mine, who's a mechanical engineer, plans to become an iOS developer. He was looking for "the best college" that would prepare him for the career switch. When I told him he could learn all the necessary skills online, he looked at me like I had two heads. Some may still think that attending a college is the only way to become successful. In this rapidly changing world, this couldn't be further from the truth. More often than not, all we get from conventional education is overpriced, stale content. Online teaching platforms provide up-to-date classes for a [...]

26 12, 2019

A Quick and Painless Intro to Swift 5 Property Wrappers

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A property wrapper lets us define property access patterns that can be applied repeatedly. What does that mean? In essence, the property wrapper is a data structure that provides controlled access to the property that uses it as a wrapper. In this article, I show you how to define a property wrapper and how to apply it. I'm also going to show you a practical example of using property wrappers. Alright, let's dig in! To define the most basic property wrapper, create a structure, class or enumeration and mark it using the @propertyWrapper attribute: @propertyWrapper struct Box { } [...]