Here’s my simple recipe for becoming an entrepreneur – or rather figuring out if you’re cut out for it.

Start and finish at least one side-project

Working on something on your own shows whether you’re motivated and committed enough to start something more significant.

That’s how I started about 15 years ago.
I wrote a book. Then two more. Although my books weren’t huge financial successes, they served as a proof that I can actually work on my own – and also make some extra money on the side.

I bought my first iMac in 2009 and started developing iOS games and apps. This proved to be even more profitable than writing books. Thanks, Apple for sponsoring our new car! 🙂

And I did all these in my spare time. I worked in the evenings, and I spent most of my weekends in front of my computer. But I enjoyed almost every moment of it.

Eventually, my side-business grow to the point that I could sustain myself and my family. Finally, I could quit the corporate job. I left the crappy job and the toxic environment that literally made me sick.

Now I’m my own boss, working on projects that I love, and enjoying the freedom of being a solopreneur.