16 11, 2017

Get my courses for 90% off!

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Are you a software developer? What if you could write better, FASTER code? Maybe you are just considering a career in software development. Wouldn’t it be great to pass the job interview with flying colors? Just imagine that you know how to figure out the complexity of a function. You understand how a dictionary works and you can decide when to use a set rather than an array.  Imagine that you can explain with confidence why is quicksort preferred over insertion sort. And that’s why I created the course “Introduction to algorithms and data structures in Swift”. I’m offering lifetime access to [...]

21 09, 2017

Swift 4 Limited @objc Inference – A Monster Lurking in the Dark

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So, you downloaded the shiny new Xcode 9 and migrated your project to Swift 4. As hinted, you disabled @objc inference right away: Then, subtle issues may have popped up. For example, this KVO-based code - which ran beautifully under Swift 3 - suddenly stopped working: for (key, value) in jsonDict { if self.value(forKey: key) != nil { self.setValue(value, forKey: key) } } According to my best knowledge, here are the options to fix the problem: Re-enable "Swift 3 @objc Inference" (only works if you migrate an existing project from Swift 3)  Mark the affected methods and properties as @objc [...]