All It Started With A ZX-Spectrum

A couple of decades ago, I got my first computer, a ZX-Spektrum. This is how it’s started, and programming computers became an integral part of my life.

Karoly Nyisztor
Founder at LEAKKA

As I got my hands on my very first computer, I knew that programming will play an important role in my life.
Fresh out of university I started working at a big software company. Although I’ve worked on great projects, I’ve never felt accomplished by just doing the usual 9-to-6 work.
My side-projects were the ones that made me feel alive; these hobby projects probably saved me from the burn-out most fellow software developers encounter during their career.
I wrote three books: the first one on the practical aspects of programming in C++.
The second and the third book was about DirectX programming and shaders.

I started developing a 3D space adventure game called “The Gamma Project”. After a few months, the game looked promising, good enough to send out the demo to a couple of publishers.
It was 2005, and there were no AppStores back then. There were only a handful of smaller publishers who would consider publishing an indie game. Eventually, I realized that I won’t get anywhere with my game. As said, those were tough times for indie developers.

In 2007 Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, which changed many things.
The iPhone App Store opened on July 10, 2008, and changed the lives of many aspiring app developers, including mine.
I published my very first iOS game in September 2009. Since then, I’ve developed many apps and games, some of which (my Travel Assistant, GiftShopper, iSyslog) were featured by Apple and mentioned by big media outlets.

I started creating online courses in March 2016. I’ve published courses on Udemy, Pluralsight and I’m working on a course for Lynda, too. Teaching has always been my passion and now I can finally reach a broader audience.

In December 2016 I quit the corporate world so that I can fully dedicate myself to creating courses and do the work I’m really passionate about.

If you have any questions, please email me directly and let me know how I can help. I’d be interested in getting your feedback. The feedback that you give me, is strictly confidential. Email me at