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30 12, 2017

My Goal#1 for 2018: Reach 1000+ Youtube Subs

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Help me reach my goal by subscribing to my Youtube channel Swift Programming Tutorials I upload new, mostly Swift programming related content on a regular basis.

29 12, 2017

Design Patterns in Swift: Behavioral

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Hi, The third, final part of the Design patterns in Swift series is now available on Pluralsight. This course teaches you about the behavioral design patterns and their implementation using modern Swift. It is the final part of a three-part series on Design Patterns in Swift. You can watch this course and the previous two parts if you have a Pluralsight subscription. Thanks for taking my courses! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the transition to 2018 in a few days! :) Cheers, Károly

29 12, 2017

UInt64 Too Small? Here’s How to Work with Huge Numbers in Swift

By | 2017-12-29T10:58:24+00:00 December 29th, 2017|iOS Programming, Swift, Swift 3, Swift 3.0, Swift 4, Swift Programming, Video Course|0 Comments Check out my course Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures in Swift. I’m offering lifetime access to the course for 90% off. Be sure to take advantage of this discount while it lasts!

18 12, 2017

2017 in Review

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The year of freedom. Started my own business. My best summer ever. 800 km+ (~500 miles) biking and hiking. Completed 4 courses. Finished a client project. "Do what you love, and money will follow" - confirmed! Woohoo! Are you struggling at work? Do you feel stuck?  Are you fed up with being told what to do?  Make 2018 your year! Start a side-business. The 9-to-5 job is dying - let's celebrate! :)

6 12, 2017

Help me pick the next Swift course for you! (+ Prizes!)

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I'd need your help to pick the topic of my upcoming course. Please take this very short survey and rate the planned courses according to your preference. It'll take less than 30 seconds, I promise! But eventually, you'll get the course you need. :) Besides, I'm going to give away 10 free promo codes among those who participate in the survey. So, here's the survey: Which Swift course should I create next? Thank you! Cheers, Károly